Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So since its spring(yes, I know there is snow on the ground still but as of March 20 the calendar says its springtime) Cam has been seeing all these motorcycles on the road and has started looking at getting one. My first thought: That would be so fun.....go for rides and small trips on the bike, save some money on gas, etc. My immediate second thought: Bad idea.....what if he gets in an accident, what if he dies!

So.....I'm torn. I don't want to be the fun-sucker/anti-adventurous wife who says no. I also don't want to be a widow at 23 either. What do I do? I know he would be a safe driver but I worry about the other drivers, not him. I actually think it would be pretty fun to take a ride with him and be adventurous. But on the other hand I have spent a few days at the hospital on the Shock Trauma ICU floor and I've seen a couple of pretty messed up people come in from motorcycle accidents. They look awful and are in so much pain, and those are the ones that were lucky enough to survive. Now I completely understand that accidents happen and broken bones heal, however broken brains don't! Should I let him get a bike or am I sentencing myself to become a widow if I do??????????

P.S. that pic is the bike he is looking at getting.


whitney said...

I would tell him he can't have the bike unless he figures a way to strap a carseat to the back. But then I would hope that he really doesn't figure out how to do that.
Motorcycles are a bit too dangerous for me!

Brian and Kristy said...

I am the fun sucker. Brian has wanted a bike for a very long time but I won't let him get one. I have seen and heard of too many people I know get in accidents that mess up their lives or take them. I saw a motorcycle accident happen and the guy got really messed up and he even had a helmet on so right then I decided I didn't want Brian to have one. But there are also people who have been riding their whole lives and never been hurt. I guess its just how you feel about it.