Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

So here is something random I learned at the Hospital today, which just happens to be on a Friday the 13th. Hospitals don't have a 13th floor. The elevator numbers go from 12 to 13 folks. Hospitals don't have a room #13 on any of the floors. I found this out today while trying to find a patient in room 12 and walked right past it because it was next to room 14 and I assumed that the room after 14 was 13 not 12. Crazy huh!


Clarissa Findlay said...

My Medical teacher actually taught us that in my class. haha I think it's really funny that hospitals do that. Is 13 really unlucky? I didn't have the best day, so maybe it is. who knows??? :)

Cameron & Angemarie said...

yeah i thought that was bizarre that they took that superstition so seriously. kinda funny.