Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Embarassing Wal-Mart story

So today I got out of the hospital a little earlier than usual so I thought I would use this time to run a few errands. I start gathering my few items I needed at the local Wal-Mart, then called Cameron to see if he could think of anything else we needed before I checked out. Well, after the phone conversation my few items turned into lots of items (this actually happens more often than not.) I planned on using the cash I had with me but soon realized I was a little over. No worries right?....I'll just put the rest on my Debit card. So i go to grab the Debit card and see it is not in my wallet. I almost panic then remember I left it in my coat pocket at home. Ok plan B... I will just use the Credit card. So i handed the patient cahsier my credit card and then the receipt of DOOM pops up. You know...the one that tells you you credit card didn't go through. She looks at me and says, "Your card has expired." My face goes BRIGHT RED. My card expired the end of Feb. and I hadn't put the new one in my wallet since I don't use it that often. I scramble through my purse to make sure there is nothing there to save my soul and ease my embarasement. Nothing. My face goes even brigher red and I sheepishly tell the cashier I'll have to leave my stuff and go get my card from home. By this time 3 or 4 more people have started to form a line behind me so I turn to all of them with a tomatoe red face and apoligize for holding up the line. I get outside and call Cameron and tell him my stupid story and ask him to come rescue me. He drives to Wal-Mart and goes back into the store with me to buy my items. What a great husband.....and what a forgetful wife I am. :)


Clarissa Findlay said...

Ange... I love you! I did the same thing the other day at TJ-Maxx. I had taken my wallet out of my purse and put it in my backpack (which was at home), so when I got to the store and to the checkout counter I realized that I didn't have any money and had to abandon all my stuff and then drive home praying the whole time I wouldn't get pulled over because I didn't have my license. haha

Will, Emily & Audrey said...

I do that all the time, but I like to add a screaming toddler into the mix to make it even more embarassing!