Monday, May 2, 2011


It seems like Spring has been a little fickle this year. It is Spring for a day or so....then it decides to be winter again. Well, we have been trying to take advantage of every nice day and do some fun things. (none of these are in order....sorry)

Miss Addy got so excited for her Easter Basket

Easter Egg hunting at Great Grandma's house

Side note........We took a trip out to California in March for Cameron's cousins wedding. We stopped by Grandpa Mac's house so he could see Adalee.

Kera, Mike, Cameron, Me

At Andrew and Ashley's wedding.

Cameron and Adalee at the Candy store in Old Sacramento

Grandma Denise and Grandpa Ron

We went with my Family to Moab the first week in April. Adalee loved it! Mostly she loved crawling/walking on all the rocks, and eating them too. We had tons of fun exploring new trails on the 4-wheelers.....but not Adalee :( She's not quite old enough yet. Maybe in a few years.


Clayton And Leslee Family said...

Yay for Blogging I have missed you. now I just need to update my blog too :)

The Rael's said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! I wish with weather would cooperate.