Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yes I know Valentines was a few weeks ago, but I had to do a quick post about it. Valentines landed on a Monday, which was awesome for us because It was my week off and Cam always has Monday off. Cameron surprised me in the morning with flowers and chocolate. Yum! I surprised him with a romantic dinner. My plans on this changed a few times....I originally was going to make Cameron dinner myself, then I decided to hire my awesome brother(who is an amazing cook by the way) to come make dinner at my house, Then plans changed again, which turned out so cute. My Family did such a good job at pulling this all off. They turned their house into a gourmet restaurant.

Rebecka was the hostess/waitress. She checked us in and seated us at our private table in the basement.
This awesome restaurant had a free day care too! Addy enjoyed some play time while ate in peace.

Compliments to the amazing chef(Martin) and his helper(Rebecka).

Cam and I enjoying our dinner. On the menu: Steak, Coconut Shrimp(delicious) rice, and corn. Sparkling cider to drink and Yummy Red Velvet cake for dessert.

After dinner we went upstairs to hang out with the family. Grammy gave Addy her Valentine's day presents.
Thanks family for such a fun night. Thanks for taking my idea and running with it! It was awesome!

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