Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can of Peas?

Cam just returned from a training in Vancouver. He left Tuesday night and got back Thursday morning. This is the first time he has been away since before Adalee was born. I'm glad this trip was a short one because I sure did miss him. Anyway......Wednesday after his training on his way back to his hotel he called me and was talking to me about his training and the office in Vancouver. The rest of the conversation goes as follows

Cam: "So the guys up here were saying they have a position open here for me if I wanted it.........I told them I wasn't really interested in re-locating right now........and ya know, Vancouver really isn't my Can of Peas."

Ange:(Laughing)"Wait did you just say Can of Peas?"

Cam:"Yeah....I did.....why?

Ange:(still laughing)"I don't think that is the right expression. I think It's 'Cup of Tea' not Can of Peas."

Cam:"Oh yeah......I knew it sounded kind of weird when I said it."

I love him!!! I don't even think we finished our conversation we both just laughed hysterically on the phone for another 5 minutes. Thanks for making me smile Cam!

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