Thursday, August 26, 2010

My New Diet Plan

So I've gained a few lbs. since I've been married(who hasn't right?).....then I got pregnant and gained a few more...ok more like 22 more(she was worth it though). After I had Adalee I was determined to lose the weight plus a little more. I stared my "diet" on my first day back to work. Aug. 5th. I don't really like to call it a diet, I call it a healthy change in my eating habits. I drink a shake for breakfast and lunch. And with luch I have fresh fruits or vegetables, then have a normal dinner. I also don't deprive myself of anything like sweets, I just limit myself. If I were to try to cut out sweets entirely I would fail. When I first started this, I was 3 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight. And now I'm 5 lbs. lighter than when I started!!!! I must say I'm pretty proud of myself. I've been so good about sticking to my diet without cheating. I set a weight goal and if I reach that goal I get this...........

Pretty sweet eh??? No, I don't think I'm fat and It's not so much about the number I see on the scale as it is about getting back to feeling good. I just don't feel healthy. So wish me luck. I'm already down 5 lbs. 10 more to go!!!

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Z&C Fred said...

What a great plan! Sounds like you are doing well and you have a pretty good thing to motivate you. I know how you feel about the whole gaining when you get married it is just part of life I however don't have the baby weight issue yet but one day I am sure I will. I would like to lose some as well not because I think I am fat but just because I want to feel good!