Saturday, July 24, 2010

All About Addy

Addy turned 2 months old July 11th. We left that day for California so I never got the chance to update the Blog about Miss Addy-Pants. She had her 2 month check up the day after we got home from our Vacation. Here are her measurements from the visit to the Doctor:
Weight: 10lbs. 25%
Length: 23 1/2 inches 85%
Head: 15.1 inches 30%
As you can see by her stats, she is LONG and skinny. She definitely does not get her height from her dad's side of the family.
Things Adalee can do/likes:
-Loves to smile especially first thing in the morning when we go to get her out of her crib
-Loves music. She smiles and coos when we turn on her mobile or her little sea-horse that lights up and plays music. She also loves it when we sing and dance with her.
-Likes her binky-but only when she is tired. She doesn't like it any other time during the day. If she doesn't want it she makes the funniest face and spits it out.
-She is a wiggle-worm. She can squirm out of her bouncy seat....we now have to buckle her in.
-Addy loves to sit up and look around.
-Addy is obsessed with fans. She could sit and stare at a fan for hours.
-She loves to "talk" to Cameron and I. We have many jibberish conversations a day
-She is such a good and happy baby. She only cries when she is tired or hungry.
-Adalee sleeps 8-10 hours at night. Yes I know, my baby rocks!!!
-Loves her play mat and is starting to grab at toys.
We love our little girl and love watching her grow and learn. Can't believe 2 months have already gone by.

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