Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

This post is random. It is just a bunch of thoughts/updates.

1. I have exactly 2 months until my due date!!! We are super excited!

2. I miss running. A LOT!!!!! I wish i could be training for a race right now. Walking and playing volleyball once a a week is just not cutting it right now. I feel like a slug.

3. I had a complete stranger rub my belly the other day. AWKWARD!! haha.

4. Cameron surprised me by showing up to my volleyball game last night. He usually gets home between 9:30-11:00pm. He got off around 6pm. We celebrated after my game by going to Subway for dinner. I was so shocked and happy to see him.

5. I am now a full-time employee. No more on call!!!!! I start my 7 days on/ 7 days off schedule next Thursday. YAY for extra $$$$ and better health insurance.

6. The bathtub is my new best friend. I love taking a nice relaxing bubble bath. But I wish i fit in the tub better. I need a giant jetted tub.

7. My neighbor accidentally backed into my car the other day. I now have a giant dent in my back door, and have to go get estimates more thing to add to the list.

8. We love, love, love, our Lamaze class. Cameron got mad at me last class for laughing while practicing our breathing.
Cameron: "Ange, quit laughing and take this seriously."
Ange: "(laughing) Don't worry I'm sure I will when I'm really in pain."
I can't help but laugh at the funny noises I'm supposed to be making. We are learning so much and I feel we will be more prepared when the day comes.

9. I'm really excited for spring and Easter. Easter candy is my favorite. I already have a stash I'm devouring.

That's all for now.


Clayton And Leslee said...

Ange you are so stinkin cute! are you having a baby shower? how is volleyball going who is all playing? I miss playing ball i need to play again. I've been running every few days it feels good. I loved this post. I may copy the format for my next one :) I always have random thoughts like that.

Clayton And Leslee said...

Back to work April 26th. You should come to my house! I'm usually home! just text me when you are free