Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Could this day get any better?.........I think not!

Today has just been one of those amazing feel good days, the kind where you feel like nothing in the world can stop you!
Great thing #1 Today was my first day at my job at Intermountain Medical Center. I love that place and am SO excited to be back there again.....but this time as an EMPLOYEE. I got hired on as PRN(as needed status) but they need me to work full time until end of October-ish. Today i oriented with a PT to the floors I will be working on. It was great. I love working at the hospital. I start my 7 days on/7 days off shift next Wednesday.
Great thing #2 I love the salads at IMC. I know hospital food has a bad reputation but I love going to their salad bar. Weird I know, but it made my day.
Great thing #3 I PASSED MY LICENSURE EXAM!!!!! And I got my license in the mail today! Yippee!!!! I feel so grown-up right now. Thank you state of Utah for processing my results so saved me much worry.

Like i said, Could this day get any better?......I highly doubt it.


Will, Emily, Audrey & Andrew said...


*Emily Anne Dowdle* said...

That is sooo awesome CONGRATULATIONS!!!:)

The Rael's said...

YAY!!! I am excited for you!! I know you will do great at your job!