Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation to West Yellowstone

I hate coming back from Vacation. Back to reality. Cameron and I had a great time with his side of the family in West Yellowstone. We stayed in a cabin at Campfire Lodge next to the Madison river. We were there a whole week. We fished almost every day, drove into Yellowstone a couple of times, and just had a great time relaxing and spending time with family. Thanks Snyders for a wonderful vacation!

Cameron and I hanging out at camp This is my 'serious' fishing face. Gotta catch those fishies Our fishing hole. The scenery was breathtaking Uncle Tommy. The Rockstar Fisherman I caught the rare 'green bandanna' fish Then i caught a real fish. I caught 3 total. I finally caught all 3 the very last day we fished. Cameron in all his gear. Me with all my fishing gear Ricky, Cory and I. I was so cold. hence all the jackets I'm wearing Ma and Pa Snyder My cute niece Madison. Love this girl to death
Cookin' up some delicious bacon for breakfast Cory (Cam's brother) and I at camp. This is Lonestar Geyser. We hiked 2.5 miles in to see this geyser go off. TONS Better than Old Faithful. Cameron figured out our phones take panoramic pictures. They aren't the best of quality but really cool to get a pic of the surroundings.


Will, Emily, Audrey & Andrew said...

how fun!

The Rael's said...

How fun! I love yellowstone. I went my first time this year!