Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What we have been up to lately

I don't have a specific event to blog about, just a bunch of random things we have been doing. We venture out of the house a lot more, especially since I feel like I'll go crazy if I have to spend one more second inside. The weather has been so nice, we use any and every excuse to get out of the house.

My mom put Adalee in one of my dresses and took some cute pictures of her. We love doing mini photoshoot with her.

What happens when Addy has poop-explosions at Grammy's house? She gets to take a bath in the sink. She was obviously not happy about this.

Another picture from our fun photo shoot at my Mom's.

She likes bath-time at home. She is even starting to splash around a bit.

Taking a nap with her Daddy. So cute! This was after our appointment at Primary Children's Hospital. Adalee had to have a hip ultrasound because they thought her hips were sliding out of socket. All is well though. Her hip slides around a little because her ligaments are just a little lax, but her hip socket is not too shallow so she won't need a hip brace after all. YAY!!!

This is my crazy daughter. She does the weirdest things with her hands while she eats. I have a bazillion pictures of her doing things like this. She also likes to sneak her fingers into her mouth along with the bottle. It's a constant battle with those fingers.

Addy and Cam at the Gateway Mall. Addy wasn't too happy about being in her stroller. We ended up carrying her most of the time. Cameron got some new sunglasses and I got some new running shoes!

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*Emily Anne Dowdle* said...

I'm very glad to hear u guys are doing well!!!:D I also hope you'r daughters hips will continue to do well and that's gr8 she doesn't have to wear a brace!!!:D I wish u guys a fun safe Summer!!!:D
Lots of Love,