Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's a............

I'm a little late at posting this because we found out 2 weeks ago. (sorry, I'm terrible) At our last Doctors appointment he told us he was 95% sure it was a girl. Cameron was still holding onto that 5% that it may be a boy......until today........We had another Ultrasound and the Tech confirmed that is is STILL a girl. We are thrilled!!! This little girl already has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Here is a video of our baby girl opening her mouth and swallowing, and some picture we got at the Ultrasound today, ENJOY!!!

We can't wait to meet this cute little girl!!!!!!!


Evelyn said...

That's neat how exciting!!!:) Ur video and pictures are sooo cute!!!:)

Denise said...

Wow I'm so excited!!!!!!Thank-You for our new baby girl Adalee yippie!!!!!! I Love you botyh so much.I can't wait LOVE Mom Hugs &Kisses to the three of you xoxoxo