Monday, May 18, 2009

Update- It's been a while

So seeing how I haven't blogged since April, I figured it was time for an update. Let's start with May 8.

My cute little brother, who is not little anymore, got married to my adorable new sister-in-law Clarissa Findlay. It was such a fun day. Cameron and I had the opportunity to go to their seeling in the morning. It was a perfect day. Not too hot and not too cold. We then went to the Farmington Arts Center for our Luncheon and Reception. It was decorated beautifully. I am so happy for Martin and Clarissa. They are a darling couple and I love them both very much. I am so happy to have a new sister-in-law, Clarissa fits perfectly into our family. Here are some pictures for that day:

Rebecka, Me, and Jessica at the Temple

The Happy Couple

Bountiful Temple

The Reception
The Car
Congrats Martin and Clarissa! I love you guys!!!!

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